May 192015

Check back weekly for the evening groups weekly plan. We meet Tuesday’s 6pm at The Running Room, and Thursday’s 6pm at Biped Sports. All members are welcome and encouraged to join.

Finally some warmer temperatures! It`s good to run with blue skies and not much wind! Lets take advantage of the good running weather before we have those hot humid conditions!

Next weekend is the ANE one mile race! Give it a try! Also the upcoming ANE Armed Forces Half Marathon has a team event! 3 members per team; give some thought to entering a team if you are not running one of the races.

See you on the run!


Off/cross train or easy run for 45 to 55 mins plus 4 to 6 strides.

Tuesday: (See attached image for Garmin workout)
6:00 PM meet at Running Room. 10 to 15 minute warm up. 4 strides/drills. Workout: 4 (5 x 1’ at 5 K pace followed by 1’ float recovery) 2’ between sets. 10 to 15 Cool down.
Purpose: Speed

40 min recovery run or cross train. Plus 4 to 6 strides. Tonight is the first ANE club social run; a prediction run. I recommend to run it at your recovery pace. Predict your finish number and the winner is the closest to the predicted time. It does not have to be a race, practice your recovery pace and continue with your training! You can win if you predict 30 minutes and you run the 5K in 30 minutes! No watch! Ray Laite missed by less than a second two years ago! It`s supposed to be fun not a race!

Thursday: (See attached image for Garmin workout)
6:00 PM meet at Biped. 15 to 20 minute warm up. 10’ + 4 x 4’ + 10’ with 3′ recovery after 10’ and 2’ after each 4’. Run at half marathon pace.
Purpose: Good for strength and stamina.

Rest/ cross train or 45 to 55 mins recovery run. 4 – 6 Strides.

Long steady Run 105 to 120 minutes.
Purpose: endurance.

Other day:
Off or 30 to 40 minutes easy recovery.


Apr 272015

Check back weekly for the evening groups weekly plan. We meet Tuesday’s 6pm at The Running Room, and Thursday’s 6pm at Biped Sports. All members are welcome and encouraged to join.

Rest/cross train or easy run for 40 to 50 mins plus 4 to 6 strides.

Tuesday: (See attached image for Garmin workout)
6:00 PM meet at Running Room. 10:00 to 15:00 easy warm up. 4 X 15” strides. 4 (2 x 3’30”) w 2’after 1st 3 and 3’ between sets. Average 10k race pace, start at half-marathon pace and work up with last set faster than 10k pace.
Purpose: Strength and stamina!!

40 min recovery run or cross train. Plus 4 to 6 strides.

6:00 PM meet at Biped for total 70 minute Medium long run. 15’ to 20’ warm-up. 3 x 7’ at HM pace with 4’ recovery. 10 – 15 minute cool down
Purpose: Endurance and stamina.

Rest/ cross train or 40 mins recovery run. 4 – 6 Strides.

Recovery day or Long Run 100 to 120 minutes or 18 to 22 km.
Purpose: Build Endurance.

Other day: Rest/Cross train or 30 to 40 minutes easy recovery run.



May 072012



ANE has a new activity aimed at all members, and it is also a great opportunity to meet and mingle with your fellow club members!

We have picked four of the regular Wednesday evening workout runs and turned them into something a little bit special. We have four 5 KM races that anyone in the club can win, and each race is followed by a social/mixer at the Legion. Here’s the plan:

Wednesday, June 13 – Time Prediction Race

Predict your finishing time for the race. No watches, garmins, etc allowed! Closest to their prediction wins, no matter how fast they were!

Sign up now for this race! Just send your name and 5 km time prediction to Ed Long at

Wednesday June 27 – Reverse Order Race

Based on the first race, runners start in the reverse order of finishing time. The slower runners get a head start! Theoretically, everyone should finish at the same time. First across the line wins!

Wednesday, August 29 – Age/Gender Adjusted Race

All finishing times are adjusted for age and gender based on standard formulas. The adjusted finish times will decide who wins!

Wednesday, October 24 – Most Improved Race

Since it is almost the end of the racing season, the person showing the most percentage improvement in their time is the winner!

Arrive at 5:30 PM at the Legion and pick up your timing chip which has been pre-assigned for the duration of the series. Warm up a little for a race start at about 5:45. When the race is over drop into the Legion for a free beverage and mix with your fellow club members! Our course will be just about three loops of the Pleasantville circuit around the Legion.

Even if you can’t race, drop down to help out or observe, and join us for the social.

If Wednesday is a fast workout for you anyway, then these races are perfect for you!

Club Races Committee: Ed Long, Nick Snow, Melinda Saunders, Robert Simmons, Tammy Butler, Steve Delaney

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Apr 232012

Hi members!

Today we are unveiling a new initiative to support all members in their training initiatives for reaching personal goals.

Many of you (more than half the club) responded to our recent survey on training and training goals. That survey identified a few key races that most people were aiming at for this year. As well, many of you indicated a desire to train with other club members with similar goals, and even just to connect for group runs throughout the week. We have used the results of that survey to shape this initiative.

The plan consists of two parts.

The first part is that we have purchased a club subscription to an online training planning and tracking service: This service allows an individual to set up a training plan and then track it online throughout the year. The service is quite comprehensive including every sort of sport activity, gym workouts, things around the home like gardening, nutrition, and elements of mental training. You can upload Garmin results, etc.

A major part of the system is that it lets us set up Training Teams with a Trainer. Our intention is to use this facility to organize training workouts for groups and events throughout the year. The Trainer can set up training activities for all members of the training team. (More on this below.)

Some members have been enrolled already to check out the system. For anyone else who is joining a training group or wants to use the service on an individual basis, please contact Anthony Paul ( to get an ID created. (You may have to add to your email contacts to avoid spam filtering.)

The second aspect of the plan is to organize more group training and running activities. We currently have two programs in progress that people are welcome to join:

Early Workout Group – Trainer: Ed Durnford. This group does workouts on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:00 AM. The current training goal is the Tely 10. Some of our faster club members are in this group, but Ed assures me all paces are welcome as the runners regroup between intervals and at points during the runs. Following the Tely, the group will prepare for Fall Marathons (but the training is adaptable to half-marathons and the C2C).

Tely PB Group – Trainer: Will Small. This group does workouts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM. The training goal is the Tely 10, with emphasis on people achieving a PB. Current participants range mainly in the 70 min – 90 min Tely times.

Two other trainers have also volunteered. Alison Jones will lead a group after the Regatta who will be preparing for Fall Marathons. We are not sure about the timing for this one. Will is not sure what his group/time will be doing after the Tely (if anything), so this one might also schedule Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Heather Hiscock is another volunteer. She is interested in preparation for the Mews and also the Turkey Trot 10k for slower pace runners.

So, when you sign up for Crosstrainer with Anthony, please indicate if you are interested in any of these groups as well!

I also wanted to bring to the attention of all members that we have added the Tuesday and Thursday group runs by Will to our regular weekly running schedule. You can count on those runs happening every week until further notice if you are interested in getting together with others. As well, Christiane & Rob have started another evening run, on Friday evenings from the Aquarena. Please check our calendar on for details on all of our scheduled weekly club runs.

This initiative recognizes that one of the main purposes of our club must be to assist our members in reaching running and development goals. With the participation of many we can develop and build on this and move forward on that goal!


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