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Hi folks,

Jeff appointed Peter B and Steve D to pick the ANE Tely teams for this year. We put together stats from last year’s Tely and some races this year, and came up with anticipated finishing times, and then applied a last minute review. Here are the team lists submitted to the NLAA on Thursday evening. Sorry if we missed anyone!

Bib Name TEAM
2502 Karen Penwell A
2908 Danielle Groves A
1090 Janet Angel A
3058 Noreen Neary A
27 Sherrie Myers A
609 Margo Murphy A
313 Yvonne Martin B
1222 Sheila Collins B
210 Joan Hartery B
2374 Sharon Trainor B
1441 Heather Grace Lewis B
2992 Noeleen Wadden B
639 Connie Duffett C
1270 Donna Power C
1901 Betty McKenna C
29 Gail Price C
1922 Heather Barrett C
2182 Marie Baggs C
2558 Jodi Card D
547 Susan Flanagan D
1356 Donna Murphy D
2105 Tina Fewer D
901 Judy Sheppard D
890 Meleta Collins D
1779 Linda Hensman E
705 Melinda Saunders E
1691 Cynthia Ryan E
637 Karen Mearow E
1558 Alice Kennedy E
2064 Ruth-Ann Simmons E
3207 Mahlodi Tau F
2717 Vanessa Cluett F
450 Joy Hart F
1374 Ann Chafe F
1785 Rosemarie James F
2211 Rosemary Lahey F
636 Patsy Yetman G
61 Madonna Wadden G
1777 Betty Gill G
6 Tammy Butler G
1790 Eileen Collingwood G
2782 Shannon Fisher G
1924 Colin Fewer A
3163 John Angelopolous A
2376 Peter Power A
792 Mark Hayward A
3097 Joe Dunford A
2956 Jeff Penton A
123 Nick Snow B
1578 Jason White B
513 Melvin Layden B
2835 Paul Bassler B
3086 Bill Pomeroy B
272 Chris Jackman B
1292 Jeff Collingwood C
2965 Paul Matthews C
1812 Steve Barnes C
2843 John Adams C
2103 Craig Mullins C
2916 Ray Laite C
3127 Bill Donovan D
3159 Dave Kelly D
607 Pete Soucy D
2224 Blaine Pearce D
Art Meaney D
608 Jack Soucy D
1579 Darren Pittman E
596 Clint Munden E
Guy Beazley E
863 Mark Noseworthy E
127 Andrew Smith E
2864 Anthony Broders E
1551 G. Vaughan Paul F
3085 Mark Penney F
1327 Ian Duffett F
1002 Paul Shea F
1371 D’Arcy Hart F
11 Will Small F
Adam Fitzgerald G
Steve Woolridge G
1189 Trevor Lowe G
2322 Zachary Wheeler G
185 Colin Howse G
2842 Geoff Budden G
1791 Andrew Rossiter H
503 Gerard Fleet H
2606 John Outerbridge H
1099 Anthony Paul H
Daniel Burry H
3150 Ed Long H
3051 Deon Doyle I
630 Patrick Dalton I
226 Justin Garrett I
3176 Paul Lahey I
2579 Clyde Thornhill I
744 Robert Simmons I
2787 George Blackwood J
548 Chris Flanagan J
1373 Bas Kavanagh J
2630 John Taylor-Hood J
CJ Nolan J
Bob Buckingham J

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