Apr 272015

Check back weekly for the evening groups weekly plan. We meet Tuesday’s 6pm at The Running Room, and Thursday’s 6pm at Biped Sports. All members are welcome and encouraged to join.

Rest/cross train or easy run for 40 to 50 mins plus 4 to 6 strides.

Tuesday: (See attached image for Garmin workout)
6:00 PM meet at Running Room. 10:00 to 15:00 easy warm up. 4 X 15” strides. 4 (2 x 3’30”) w 2’after 1st 3 and 3’ between sets. Average 10k race pace, start at half-marathon pace and work up with last set faster than 10k pace.
Purpose: Strength and stamina!!

40 min recovery run or cross train. Plus 4 to 6 strides.

6:00 PM meet at Biped for total 70 minute Medium long run. 15’ to 20’ warm-up. 3 x 7’ at HM pace with 4’ recovery. 10 – 15 minute cool down
Purpose: Endurance and stamina.

Rest/ cross train or 40 mins recovery run. 4 – 6 Strides.

Recovery day or Long Run 100 to 120 minutes or 18 to 22 km.
Purpose: Build Endurance.

Other day: Rest/Cross train or 30 to 40 minutes easy recovery run.



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