May 192015

Check back weekly for the evening groups weekly plan. We meet Tuesday’s 6pm at The Running Room, and Thursday’s 6pm at Biped Sports. All members are welcome and encouraged to join.

Finally some warmer temperatures! It`s good to run with blue skies and not much wind! Lets take advantage of the good running weather before we have those hot humid conditions!

Next weekend is the ANE one mile race! Give it a try! Also the upcoming ANE Armed Forces Half Marathon has a team event! 3 members per team; give some thought to entering a team if you are not running one of the races.

See you on the run!


Off/cross train or easy run for 45 to 55 mins plus 4 to 6 strides.

Tuesday: (See attached image for Garmin workout)
6:00 PM meet at Running Room. 10 to 15 minute warm up. 4 strides/drills. Workout: 4 (5 x 1’ at 5 K pace followed by 1’ float recovery) 2’ between sets. 10 to 15 Cool down.
Purpose: Speed

40 min recovery run or cross train. Plus 4 to 6 strides. Tonight is the first ANE club social run; a prediction run. I recommend to run it at your recovery pace. Predict your finish number and the winner is the closest to the predicted time. It does not have to be a race, practice your recovery pace and continue with your training! You can win if you predict 30 minutes and you run the 5K in 30 minutes! No watch! Ray Laite missed by less than a second two years ago! It`s supposed to be fun not a race!

Thursday: (See attached image for Garmin workout)
6:00 PM meet at Biped. 15 to 20 minute warm up. 10’ + 4 x 4’ + 10’ with 3′ recovery after 10’ and 2’ after each 4’. Run at half marathon pace.
Purpose: Good for strength and stamina.

Rest/ cross train or 45 to 55 mins recovery run. 4 – 6 Strides.

Long steady Run 105 to 120 minutes.
Purpose: endurance.

Other day:
Off or 30 to 40 minutes easy recovery.


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