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ANE has a new activity aimed at all members, and it is also a great opportunity to meet and mingle with your fellow club members!

We have picked four of the regular Wednesday evening workout runs and turned them into something a little bit special. We have four 5 KM races that anyone in the club can win, and each race is followed by a social/mixer at the Legion. Here’s the plan:

Wednesday, June 13 – Time Prediction Race

Predict your finishing time for the race. No watches, garmins, etc allowed! Closest to their prediction wins, no matter how fast they were!

Sign up now for this race! Just send your name and 5 km time prediction to Ed Long at

Wednesday June 27 – Reverse Order Race

Based on the first race, runners start in the reverse order of finishing time. The slower runners get a head start! Theoretically, everyone should finish at the same time. First across the line wins!

Wednesday, August 29 – Age/Gender Adjusted Race

All finishing times are adjusted for age and gender based on standard formulas. The adjusted finish times will decide who wins!

Wednesday, October 24 – Most Improved Race

Since it is almost the end of the racing season, the person showing the most percentage improvement in their time is the winner!

Arrive at 5:30 PM at the Legion and pick up your timing chip which has been pre-assigned for the duration of the series. Warm up a little for a race start at about 5:45. When the race is over drop into the Legion for a free beverage and mix with your fellow club members! Our course will be just about three loops of the Pleasantville circuit around the Legion.

Even if you can’t race, drop down to help out or observe, and join us for the social.

If Wednesday is a fast workout for you anyway, then these races are perfect for you!

Club Races Committee: Ed Long, Nick Snow, Melinda Saunders, Robert Simmons, Tammy Butler, Steve Delaney

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