Some of Our Regular Running Routes

Early Run – Winter Route

Tuesdays @ 6:00 AM & Fridays @ 6:15 AM, 12.5k

Meet at Wedgewood Park Recreation Centre, Gleneyre Street

Depart west on Gleneyre, left onto Torbay, and left again onto Newfoundland and go to end, turning right onto White Hills Road. At the Lake, turn left and do a clockwise circuit of the Lake through Quidi Vidi Village, Forest Road, Empire Avenue, Lake Avenue and the Boulevard. Turn onto White Hills Road and return to start. On Tuesdays, the route down to the Lake and back is used for those doing interval workouts on the Boulevard.

Variations: Pick up the pace along the Boulevard and/or climb the White Hills Road hill hard to the corner with Newfoundland Drive. In Quidi Vidi Village, go out to the Gut and return without circling the Lake—10.2k. Take the Boathouse Hill shortcut—12k. Add on a loop around Birchwynd at the end to make the run 13.25k.

Early Run - Winter

Early Run – Summer Route

Tuesdays @ 6:00 AM & Fridays @ 6:15 AM, 13.25k

Meet at Wedgewood Park Recreation Centre, Gleneyre Street

Travel the trails, first along Virginia Lake and the upper Virginia River Trail, turning East across Parson’s Meadow to Torbay Road. Then behind MacDonald Drive School and through some lanes to Portugal Cove Road. Then north side of Kent’s Pond, exit to the link to Long Pond and around, back to Kent’s Pond, south side. Back the way you came to the start.

Long intervals are sometimes done on Tuesdays, and instead of the full route, turn back before Kent’s Pond, or loop Kent’s Pond. Intervals are done on the 1 km Parson’s Meadow loop: Pearson, Laurier, Meighen, and Tupper.

Early Run Summer

Long Run


8 am @ Boathouse or 8:30 am @ Churchill Square

Leave the Boathouse and proceed along connecting roads using Circular, Empire, Anderson, Whiteway, and Pine Bud to Running Room. When the group is all together at the Running Room, decide the route and distance for the day. Boathouse to Running Room is 5 km.

Long Run

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