ANE @ the Tely

Our club was formed in 2005 to focus the training efforts of members for running events ranging from 5k races to marathons. Since then our club has grown to more than 250 active members, including some of the top male and female runners in the Province. We have also branched off into related endurance sports, including triathlon, cycling, and swimming.

Members of the club range widely in abilities, but share a common interest—they are serious about running. We have a year-round schedule of weekly running and training activities supported by experienced coaching.

Visit this site for all the news and activities of our club.  You can set up feeds and notifiers to let you know when interesting items have been posted.

Contact us at info@athleticsnortheast.com.

Some ANE Members

Club Leaders

Executive: Jeff Collingwood, Steve Delaney, Jodi Card, Selina Asgard, Bill Pomeroy, Peter Browne, Joanne Taylor

Membership: Vaughan Paul

Accounting: Dave Kelly

Web Sites. Strength and Yoga Programs, & Timing: Steve Delaney

Swimming Program: Patrick Dalton

USR: Jodi Card/Tony Poole

Mews 8k: Paul Shea

Flat Out 5k: Margo Murphy

Mile: Bill Pomeroy

Cape to Cabot: Juanita Keel-Ryan/Guy Beazley


Meaney Moments: Art Meaney

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