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Joining ANE will make you part of an active, growing, and enjoyable running club! We are serious about running, but we have lots of fun too! Whatever your pace or achievement goal may be, you are welcome to be part of our group.

Besides running activities, the club supports members with conditioning programs, stretching programs, and cross-training activities on bikes, and in gyms and pools. Many of our members are active in other sports including cross-country skiing, triathlon, and cycling. We have an active emailing list through which members coordinate training activities in addition to the regular schedule.

You are welcome to join us on a few runs to get to know some of our members and check us out before joining. Please see our regular training schedule for times and places.

The process for becoming a member is simple. You need a member who has been in the club for more than a year to sponsor you, and you need to complete the form here! We will get back to you in about a week after the membership committee processes your application. Annual dues are $50 for an individual, $75 for a family, and we have a special student rate of $25. Our attractive and high quality racing singlets are $10. Please note that we do expect our members to volunteer to help out in club activities from time to time. Currently we host a number of local races and assist at a number of other running related and charitable events.

Perhaps we will see you on the roads or trails soon!


Send your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE (home, work, cell), EMAIL, and SPONSOR NAME to this address:

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  7 Responses to “To Join”

  1. Art Meaney was my coach in High school and should have no problem in sponsoring me into your club.

  2. Interested in becoming a member! Would like to use Alison Jones as my sponsor.

  3. Hi guys,

    Just inquiring about membership and various weekly runs and their meeting points. Looking for some company with runs now and then.

    Cheers, Nancy

  4. I would like to meet u guys and do a couple of runs to see if good for me I always run alone so nice to see group it appears safer I just saw u guys go past my street

    • Colleen, our regular run times and meeting places are posted on the site in the Calendar and under Training. We encourage you to just show up and introduce yourself! You will find the evening runs cover more paces, while the early mornings can be quick, so judge accordingly.

  5. I am hoping to start training with some of you speed demons Id like to use the legend Art Meaney as my sponsor.

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