Ian Ash


Club Members Reflect on the Passing of Ian Ash

Ian @ Autism Run
We have lost a great citizen and contributor to the running community — Joe Dunford

Ian was an extra-ordinary person, and this was evidenced by anyone who has had the opportunity to run / work along side him and marvel at his organization, knowledge and spirit — Sharon Brophy 

Ian always seemed to know everything about everyone, constantly highlighting the triumphs of the last person as well as the first person who crossed the line and everyone in between — Paul Lahey 

Just about any aspect of our sport you can think of was touched by Ian. He will be missed — Steve Delaney 

Ian @ Blueberry 10k
Familiar site: Ian setting up for a race – Blueberry 10k 2007

I was proud to call him a friend of mine — Vaughan Paul 

He was always there with encouragement and advice — Guy Beazley 

Ian @ C2C Prerace

Supporting the Cape to Cabot Prerace 2006

A true gentleman — John Angelopoulos 

Anyone who knew Ian understands how much he taught us about the value of encouragement.  He was just a real nice guy — Pete Soucy

Ian @ QV 5k

He ran the Miami half marathon and gave me his shirt when he came home from the race.  That’s the kind of guy Ian was, a kind and generous supporter — Dan Penney 
Ian @ C2CTrial
Always a good source of information, a laugh and a story — Jason White 

Ian @ C2CTrial

Finishing the Cape to Cabot Trial Run 2006

To me he was one of the main people when it came to putting off a organized race and truly loved the sport — Jeff Penton 

Ian @ C2CTrial

Cape to Cabot Trial Run 2006

Just last week we traded some  marathon training programmes and advice, we discussed what times we needed to do for a Boston qualifier run and said we would get in some road work together.  He made me feel like I was a real racer. His encouragement was infectious — Bob Buckingham 
Ian @ Mundy Pond 5k

Mundy Pond 5k

He could give stats and details on world class runners or a jr. high student running cross country in Torbay. His commitment to the running community here in Newfoundland has been nothing short of amazing, finding him anywhere from the Tely 10 to elementary cross country meets. I have witnessed him many times offering encouragement and support to young and old, fast and slow — Colin Fewer
Ian @ Marathon

Getting Ready for the Nautilus Marathon

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