May 192015

Check back weekly for the evening groups weekly plan. We meet Tuesday’s 6pm at The Running Room, and Thursday’s 6pm at Biped Sports. All members are welcome and encouraged to join.

Finally some warmer temperatures! It`s good to run with blue skies and not much wind! Lets take advantage of the good running weather before we have those hot humid conditions!

Next weekend is the ANE one mile race! Give it a try! Also the upcoming ANE Armed Forces Half Marathon has a team event! 3 members per team; give some thought to entering a team if you are not running one of the races.

See you on the run!


Off/cross train or easy run for 45 to 55 mins plus 4 to 6 strides.

Tuesday: (See attached image for Garmin workout)
6:00 PM meet at Running Room. 10 to 15 minute warm up. 4 strides/drills. Workout: 4 (5 x 1’ at 5 K pace followed by 1’ float recovery) 2’ between sets. 10 to 15 Cool down.
Purpose: Speed

40 min recovery run or cross train. Plus 4 to 6 strides. Tonight is the first ANE club social run; a prediction run. I recommend to run it at your recovery pace. Predict your finish number and the winner is the closest to the predicted time. It does not have to be a race, practice your recovery pace and continue with your training! You can win if you predict 30 minutes and you run the 5K in 30 minutes! No watch! Ray Laite missed by less than a second two years ago! It`s supposed to be fun not a race!

Thursday: (See attached image for Garmin workout)
6:00 PM meet at Biped. 15 to 20 minute warm up. 10’ + 4 x 4’ + 10’ with 3′ recovery after 10’ and 2’ after each 4’. Run at half marathon pace.
Purpose: Good for strength and stamina.

Rest/ cross train or 45 to 55 mins recovery run. 4 – 6 Strides.

Long steady Run 105 to 120 minutes.
Purpose: endurance.

Other day:
Off or 30 to 40 minutes easy recovery.


May 092015
Hi folks!
It’s that time of year again and we are gearing up for our first club race/social of the year – the Time Prediction Race!
DATE: Wednesday, May 20
TIME: Check-In/Chips: 5:30 PM
           Start: 5:45 PM
           Social: ~ 6:15
WHERE: The Legion, The Boulevard
In the Time Prediction race you predict your finish time for the 5k circuit. You run the race without a watch, Garmin, or any other pacing/timing device. You don’t even have to run it fast! Whoever comes closest to his/her predicted time is the winner. So absolutely anyone can win this race!
This race is a very good substitute for a tempo run.
Following the race we will have a BBQ and some liquid “refreshments”. We have upgraded our BBQ menu, drop in and check us out. You can attend the social even if you are not racing.
We would appreciate the help of half a dozen volunteers to help with the race, the check-in, and the food prep – please be in touch!
If you are racing, we need your time prediction  – so please reply to this invitation!
If you are attending the social, we need to know to get enough food – so please reply to this invitation!
See you there!
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Apr 272015

Check back weekly for the evening groups weekly plan. We meet Tuesday’s 6pm at The Running Room, and Thursday’s 6pm at Biped Sports. All members are welcome and encouraged to join.

Rest/cross train or easy run for 40 to 50 mins plus 4 to 6 strides.

Tuesday: (See attached image for Garmin workout)
6:00 PM meet at Running Room. 10:00 to 15:00 easy warm up. 4 X 15” strides. 4 (2 x 3’30”) w 2’after 1st 3 and 3’ between sets. Average 10k race pace, start at half-marathon pace and work up with last set faster than 10k pace.
Purpose: Strength and stamina!!

40 min recovery run or cross train. Plus 4 to 6 strides.

6:00 PM meet at Biped for total 70 minute Medium long run. 15’ to 20’ warm-up. 3 x 7’ at HM pace with 4’ recovery. 10 – 15 minute cool down
Purpose: Endurance and stamina.

Rest/ cross train or 40 mins recovery run. 4 – 6 Strides.

Recovery day or Long Run 100 to 120 minutes or 18 to 22 km.
Purpose: Build Endurance.

Other day: Rest/Cross train or 30 to 40 minutes easy recovery run.



Jun 182014

A small but enthusiastic group turned out for the annual Reverse Order race and Social this evening in the beautiful weather! (Although there was a cool breeze down by the Lake!) Here are the results! Thanks to all participants and especially the volunteer helpers!

Club Races – Reverse Order
Overall Finish List
Timing & Results By Athletics NorthEAST
Place Name Time Offset Net
1 Wayne BAGGS 25:39 3:01 22:38
2 Anthony PAUL 26:22 4:15 22:07
3 Guy BEAZLEY 26:49 4:56 21:53
4 Steve DELANEY 26:59 5:04 21:55
5 Sheila CULTER-COLLINS 27:03 5:45 21:18
6 Jodi CARD 27:21 3:54 23:27
7 Melinda SAUNDERS 27:27 4:01 23:26
8 Florence BARRON 27:29 0:00 27:29
9 Paul LAHEY 27:30 1:15 26:15
10 Susan FLANAGAN 27:46 2:43 25:03
11 Joan HARTERY 27:50 5:18 22:32
12 D’arcy HART 27:58 6:18 21:40
13 Laura POMEROY 28:05 3:06 24:59
14 Erik CHARRON 29:04 8:20 20:44
15 Joanne TAYLOR 29:20 6:18 23:02

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Aug 142013

Thanks to the volunteers and the runners who braved the (not too bad) wet conditions!

About 30 club members were in attendance. Results are posted HERE.

We are hoping to have one more race in this series … not exactly sure when, or what it will be. Current thinking is a relay race … teams consisting of three people each doing one loop of the course. Rules and win conditions to follow!

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Jun 062013

Over 30 runners and another dozen socializers turned out for a nice evening at the Legion and the Pleasantville loop. With a staggered start based on recent 5k times, runners were tasked with passing everyone ahead of them. Results are below. After the run, everyone enjoyed some burgers, hot dogs, and beverages!

Posted Finish Place Name Gun Time Time Placing
1 Vicky TAYLOR HOOD 32:30.6 30
2 Tammy BUTLER 33:56.7 31
3 Laura SPILLER 29:08.6 26
4 Guy BEAZLEY 21:01.4 4
5 Paul MOORES 25:24.8 18
6 Mark NOSEWORTHY 20:15.8 1
7 Susan FLANAGAN 24:10.9 14
8 Paul LAHEY 26:20.6 21
9 Jodi CARD 23:41.5 11
10 Andrew SMITH 21:53.6 6
11 Wayne BAGGS 22:29.4 7
12 Clyde THORNHILL 25:58.2 20
13 Betty GILL 30:47.5 27
14 Rosemary LAHEY 32:18.5 29
15 Florence BARRON 27:55.9 24
16 Janet FUREY 23:44.8 12
17 Colin HOWSE 21:17.3 5
18 Ann CHAFE 28:28.3 25
19 Craig MULLINS 20:30.3 2
20 Joan HARTERY 23:17.4 9
21 Meleta COLLINS 26:33.4 22
22 Melinda SAUNDERS 25:10.1 16
23 Tina FEWER 24:09.7 13
24 Erik CHARRON 20:42.5 3
25 Linda HENSMAN 26:41.4 23
26 Donna MURPHY 25:51.3 19
27 Doot JAMES 31:36.7 28
28 Jeff TURNER 23:28.9 10
29 Patrick DALTON 25:13.3 17
30 Greg Hiscock 22:54.7 8
31 G. Vaughan PAUL 24:13.0 15

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May 082013

26 Runners and another dozen or so volunteers and socializers attended tonight’s race and social. A great time was had by all in the sunny and ‘brisk’ conditions. The new ANE BBQ was successfully broken in and everyone went home well fed. Thanks to the volunteers who helped out in one way or another – John and Katherine Taylor-Hood on the BBQ, Jeff and Steve on timing, Ed on Legion arrangements, Bill with the BBQ, Tammy on check in and the Flanagan gang who were into everything!

See you all again on June 5th for the Reverse Order race and social!

Here are the final results:

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Mar 292013


Warm up for the 2013 racing season with a flat and fast 5k! The route is the same as last year which proved to be very quick!

This exciting 5k route has been chosen to give you a good start for the year, and to assist in raising funds to endow the ANE MUN X-Country Scholarship Fund. All proceeds beyond minimal expenses will be contributed to the Fund. Participants are encouraged to make their own tax-receiptable donation to the Fund as well! The race includes chip timing, age group awards, post-race reception, and a fast and safe course.

All Proceeds to the ANE MUN X-Country Scholarship Fund!
Registration: $25 ($20 for NLAA members).
Includes race, Timex fee, and awards reception at Boston Pizza.
Details and registration here:
Timex Series – Race #1
Toyota Plaza Series – Race #1
Certified Course
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Jan 062013

Hi All,

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Over 2012 we have seen ANE continue to grow to 189 members. We are a well established group within the running community involved in the organizing of races, volunteering at events, and fund-raising for a number of causes. We have been active in organizing and keeping fellow members up to date in cross training events and social activities as well. A big “Thank You” to all that given so freely of their time and energy to make this such a great past year but we need more of you to step up to help out and replace those for the 2013 year.

As we move into 2013, I would encourage and request that members continue to be active within our group and to make a commitment to help in the organizing of our events.

It is hoped that each member make a commitment to help in at least 3 races during the season and if you could identify these races early in the new year at registration it would make it easier on the organizing committees, so please take the time to do so.

Help will be also be needed in organizing social events that happen during the year so again please volunteer to help out and make your intentions known during the e-mail requests.

Membership dues remain as at $25 student, $50 individual and $75 family for the season. I ask that membership make arrangements to pay these dues as soon as you are able.I am asking that the annual dues be paid by the February 28th.

Pay your membership, register for races and club activities, pay for programs and gear, etc – all on-line! We take care of the administration fees.

Check out our Web site – and our our ANE blog – at

Our distribution list is up to-date however if there are any changes of e-mail addresses then please advise and we will make the correction. Also please advise of any change in mailing addresses / phone numbers since your last update.

This year’s “Year End” party will be taking place on January 5, 2013 at the Legion on the Boulevard. No doubt will be a good time for all.

If you know of others that maybe interested in joining ANE and participating in our group then please advise.

Happy Trails to you!


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