Competing Services

  • Canadian Forces
  • Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • NL Corrections
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Fisheries & Oceans
  • Eastern Health Paramedics
  • SJ Regional Fire Department
  • Environment & Climate Change Canada
  • Fish & Wildlife Enforcement

If you are a member or retired from a uniformed service, or work for one, you are eligible to enrol as a participant in the Battle of the Badges, and receive a $10 discount on your entry fee. Not sure if you qualify, just contact us.

Battle of the Badges Scoring

  1. Points are awarded for three races: 10k, Half-Marathon, Marathon Relay.
  2. Services are ranked in each event, best placing Service earns 10 points, next best 9 points, down to 1 point. 0 if not entered.
  3. Maximum possible score for a Service is 30.
  4. Relay:
    1. Ignore placings of non-Services teams.
    2. First place Services team is awarded 10 points, second place is awarded 9 points, down to 1 point.
    3. If a Service has more than one team, only the best placed team is involved in calculating points.
  5. 10k:
    1. Service must have three finishers to earn points.
    2. Take the overall placing (including non-Service runners) of the top three runners for each Service. Add them together.
    3. Service with the lowest placing total earns 10 points, next lowest total earns 9 points, down to 1 point.
  6. Half Marathon - same as 10k Scoring.
  7. Add scores for all races together. Most points wins the Battle of the Badges. In case of a tie, the Service with the most participants wins.