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Derrick Roul is a tenacious runner with Athletics NorthEast. He is 36 years old and originally from Lawn, Newfoundland. He has two wonderful kids - Katie (age 6) and Aidan (age 4) and a beautiful wife Stacy. He has been running since 2008 after the arrival of his second child (and middle age) forced him into picking up a great hobby to stay in shape and has been running with ANE since 2010.  His fist marathon was the Manitoba Marathon where he qualified for Boston with a time of 3:06. He trained with Ed Durnford and the gang in preparing for the 2012 Boston Marathon where he ran 3:00 and placed 552 in a field of over 20,000 other Boston Qualifiers!



Derrick running the 2012 Marathon Relay and with Relay team mates Paul, Melvin, and Chris

Based on his placement in Boston he was accepted to run the NYC marathon and trained throughout the summer and fall to run it with Chris Jackman and Melvin Layden. During the last month of his training, he started to have some back pain but pushed it off to over training at the gym and some heavy kms. Two weeks prior to NYC, his pain moved into his chest and after going to the hospital he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. He immediately underwent chemo therapy and after the first round of chemo, was fortunate enough to have the cancer go into remission.



Upon being diagnosed with cancer, a person's life changes dramatically. Daily concerns have to take second place to completing all the tests, doctor visits and paperwork that are needed in order to plan the cancer treatment. Once the treatment is started and a general plan is put into place, the patient's attention may turn to questions about finances.

A cancer diagnosis can affect a family's finances in the following ways:

• Lost wages from the individual diagnosed;

• Lost wages if the primary caregiver is not able to work while the person with cancer is getting treatment

• Family members may incur travel costs getting back and forth to treatment

• Individuals in treatment may need special food, comfort items and over the counter medications to help with side effects of treatment;

All these costs come at a time when the family has neither the emotional energy nor the time to deal with additional financial stressors.  This is where we can help, Derrick's form of cancer has a very high re-occurrence rate and the doctors suggested 7 more rounds of chemotherapy. During this treatment period, Derrick’s wife has decided to stay home and help him through this fight.  Derrick’s fight against Cancer still goes on. Therefore, please donate to the Derrick Roul Support Fund to help this young family battle this terrible illness.




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