Governance - ANE Organization Structure

ANE activities are generally conducted by committees which come together to organize races, hold social events, and manage club programs and affairs.

ANE is incorporated and is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected annually by the members. The Board chooses which directors will serve as the officers of the club, including president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer.

The club has an advisory group called the Leaders. The Leaders provide advise to the Board on major financial expenditures and other issues.

Membership in the Leaders group consists of:

  • The active club founders
  • Those club members active in leadership roles in the club including: race directors, committee heads, program organizers, and those active in maintaining club operations
  • Additional active club volunteers, selected by the other two categories of leaders, so as to ensure a representative, balanced Leaders group, particularly with respect to gender participation

Any club member can become a Leader by stepping forward and creating/leading club activities. When a member of the Leaders group is no longer active in their qualifying role, they will be considered to have left the Leaders group at the end of the year.

Policies and Precedents

ANE has a by-law which specifies how it is governed, and several policies and standard practices as listed below.

  • ANE By-Law
  • Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Contributions to travel expenditures for individual club members to attend elite events of up to $500. Such funding will be allocated after other sources of funds, such as from the NLAA, have been tapped. NLAA qualifying standards apply, and will be adjusted for age group qualification using a standard age-grading formula. Details and application form.
  • ANE regularly makes donations to local charities and to club members and other individuals with serious health or similar issues. Past practice is that the club will generally match funds up to a maximum value, depending on the nature of the event/cause.
  • ANE tops up the annual MUN cross-country scholarship award with $1000 based on proceeds from the Boston Pizza Flat Out 5k race.
  • ANE will send a gift up to the value of $50 upon the occasion of a birth to club a club member or the death of an immediate family member of a club member.