Day Time Place Activity Description Contact
Monday 5:30 AM Aquarena Early Run 12km +
Mt. Scio, Tely Loop
Mod loops
Mark Croft
5:30 PM The Lantern Yoga 1 Hour Steve Delaney
Tuesday 6:00 AM Aquarena Early Run Workouts, 10km +
Tuesday Loop
Ed Durnford
6:00 PM Churchill Sq Evening Run 10km +
MUN/Parkway Loop
Jason Whelan
8:00 PM NL Sports Centre Strength Program High Performance Training Steve Delaney
Wednesday 6:00 AM QV Dominion Early Run 10km +
Downtown, QV Ponds
Ed Durnford
7:00 PM Paula Kelly AC Swim Program Swim Training Patrick Dalton
Thursday 6:00 AM QV Dominion Early Run 10km +
Reverse Tely, QV Ponds
Ed Durnford
6:00 PM Paul Reynolds Evening Run 10km +
Windsor Lake
QV/Chicken Hill
Jason Whelan
Friday 6:00 AM Paul Reynolds Early Run 10km +
Windsor Lake, Stavanger
QV/Chicken Hill
Ed Durnford
Saturday Varies Churchill Sq Morning Run 10km +
APH, Southside
Ed Durnford
Sunday 8:00 AM QV Boathouse Morning Run 16km +
T'Railway, Various
Ed Durnford
8:30 AM Jumping Bean Long Run 16km +
Ray Laite

Although run times listed are usually accurate, meeting times and places, and routes, can vary depending on upcoming races, workout plans, and weather conditions. You may want to check with the listed contact if you are not "in the loop".