ANE Leader's Group

Selina Asgar (A)
Heather Barrett (A)
Guy Beazley (RD)
Tammy Butler (A)
Jodi Card (P)
Thelma Careen (O)
Jeff Collingwood (F)
Dan Conway (O)
Mark Croft (P)
Patrick Dalton (P)
Steve Delaney (O) #
Krissy Dooling (A)
Ed Durnford (P) #
Greg Greening (RD)
Anne Johnston (P)
Juanita Keel-Ryan (A) #
Tracey Lacey (O)
Jeff MacDonald (RD)
Susan Matthews (A)
Art Meaney (F)
Bill Pomeroy (RD) #
Paul Shea (O)
Karen Stacey (A)
Will Small (P)
Andrew Smith (RD)
Margo Soucy (RD) #
Joanne Taylor (A) #

# - Also a member of the Executive
A - Activities
RD - Race Director
F - Founder
P - Programs
O - Operations


Joanne Bill Margo Steve
Joanne Bill Margo Steve
Juanita Ed
Juanita Ed