ANE Leader's Group

Selina Asgar (A) #
Heather Barrett (A)
Guy Beazley (RD)
Tammy Butler (A)
Jodi Card (P)
Thelma Careen (O)
Jeff Collingwood (F)
Dan Conway (O)
Mark Croft (P)
Patrick Dalton (P)
Steve Delaney (O) #
Krissy Dooling (A)
Ed Durnford (P) #
Greg Greening (RD)
Anne Johnston (P)
Juanita Keel-Ryan (A) #
Tracey Lacey (O)
Jeff MacDonald (RD)
Susan Matthews (A)
Art Meaney (F)
Bill Pomeroy (RD) #
Paul Shea (O)
Karen Stacey (A)
Will Small (P)
Andrew Smith (RD)
Margo Soucy (RD) #
Joanne Taylor (A) #

# - Also a member of the Executive
A - Activities
RD - Race Director
F - Founder
P - Programs
O - Operations


Joanne Bill Margo Steve
Joanne Bill Margo Steve
Juanita Ed Selina
Juanita Ed Selina