!!! In-Person group activities are currently suspended in compliance with public health orders. !!!

Link to our Program & Run Schedule

Running Programs

No cost to participate, just show up for the runs. Non-members are encouraged to learn about the club by joining in these runs. Members of all groups have weekend runs which are organized over social media and email.

Regularly Scheduled Runs

  • Morning Group: Early morning training group usually meets at 6 AM Tuesday to Friday. Structured training program often includes two workouts each week. Non-workout paces ranging from 4:30 - 5:00/km, but there is frequent re-grouping and various sub-group paces. VDOTO2 certified coach Mark Croft provides VDOTO2 based programs for the workouts. Contact Ed Durnford about details and to get on the group email list.
  • Morning Moderates: A sub-group of the Morning Group, usually meets same time and place (currently Tuesdays and Fridays only), but have a more moderate pace (> 5:00/km) and generally shorter distances (via shortcuts). Often will do a reduced version of planned workouts provided by VDOT02 certified coach Mark Croft. Contact Steve Delaney or Paul Shea for details.
  • VDOTO2 Group: VDOTO2 and Lydiard Foundation Level 2 certified coach Will Small provides individualized and group training plans determined by the current VDOT of each athlete - year-round training with daily workout plans. Training is communicated via VDOT Coaching app directly to each runner’s Calendar and Garmin. Members of the group (and other runners too) run together on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00PM and Sunday Mornings (see Ray’s group below) with a wide range of paces, sub-groups, and re-grouping. Contact Will Small for details and to get on the Facebook group.
  • Churchill Square Saturday: Saturday mornings from Churchill Square at 8:30 AM. Routes usually towards downtown about 10 km at about 5:00-5:15/km pace. Contact Joanne Taylor for details.
  • Bannerman Brewery Sunday: Sunday mornings from Bannerman Brewery at 8:00 AM. Routes downtown and west for about 16 km at about 5:00-5:15/km pace. Contact Joanne Taylor for details.
  • Ray's Sunday Mornings: Sunday morning run 8:30 AM from Jumping Bean on Elizabeth Ave. Usually organized via a Facebook post and route discussed amongst those that show up. Typically a 5:30/km or slower pace (some may be slightly faster) and distances range from 10-20km on average. Contact Ray Laite for details.

Other Runs

  • Johnson's 5 PM: Occasional weekday afternoons. Weather dependent, or "who will be there" dependent, and not always structured, it is usually 8-10 km on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Contact Bill Pomeroy for specifics. Paces are between 4:50/km and 5:10/km usually
  • Mount Pearl Mornings: Small group in Mount Pearl running together at 5:30 AM several mornings a week. Contact Paul Matthews for details.
  • Jodi's Afternoons: Meets 4:30PM several days a week. Contact Jodi Card for details.
  • Beatin' the Trails with Beaton: A weekly trail run usually around Signal Hill at 6:05AM on Friday mornings. Contact Nancy Beaton for details. Everyone welcome! Runs are typically 5-8km followed by coffee at the Battery Café. Crampons are required in the winter time.
  • Ad Hoc ANErs: A small but speedy group who run together on weekends and as often as possible during the week - times are ad-hoc, includes Tuesday/Friday workouts. Non-workout paces usually in the range of 4:30-4:35/km. Contact Jeff MacDonald or Daniel Conway for details. Primarily start from East End or Aquarena.

Other Programs

Registration is required for these programs. Open to non-members if available spaces not filled by members.

  • High Performance (Strength) Training: A strength program for runners designed and delivered by the elite coaches at the NL Sports Centre in their Riley's Room facility on Crosbie Road (attached to Swiler's Club).
  • Swimming: A swimming program geared to long distance swimming for triathlon and similar type events. Focus is on technique, endurance, and speed. Takes place at the Paula Kelly Aquatic Centre (part of the Paul Reynold's Facility).[Currently suspended.]
  • Yoga: Yoga for runners each Monday after work at the Lantern, delivered by Margot French of Downward Dog Yoga.