Volunteer Recognition Program

ANE has implemented a Volunteer Recognition Program to recognize those volunteers in the club who go the extra mile or kilometer in supporting our races and social activities.

The race director or volunteer coordinator for races, and event organizers, will complete and submit a form after each activity which lists all the ANE volunteers and the roles each played in the activity. Points are awarded depending on how difficult the role is to fill or undertake, starting with a base level of 25 points for most roles. Race directors and event organizers earn 100 points. Race committee leads earn 75 points. Logistics, marshals, and timers earn 50 points.

Members who earn 100+ points in a year receive a Volunteer Recognition coupon, valued at $20, which can be used for anything on the ANE e-payments site including membership, race registration, program registration, and gear (including sponsor gift certificates). We provide similar recognition to those "operational" volunteers who keep the club running throughout the year managing programs, keeping the books, etc.

2022 Century Club

We had 131 club members who volunteered for club races and events during 2022; that's up by 15%! We more than tripled the number of members qualifying for the Century Club with a huge 68! Thank you to everyone for your contributions!

Chris Abbott
Rochelle Abbott
John Adams
Nadine Adams
Cathy Andrews
Heather Barrett
Florence Barron
Christine Bassler
Paul Bassler
Guy Beazley
George Blackwood
Tammy Butler
Paul Caines
Simone Caines
Jodi Card
Thelma Careen
Abigail Chubb
Sarah Churchill
Daniel Conway
Steve Delaney
Bill Donovan
Krissy Dooling
Ed Durnford

Kim Dwyer
Bruce Fancy
Tina Fewer
Roxanne George
Greg Greening
Tory Greey
Joan Hartery
Keith Hogan
Nicole Hollohan
Valerie Hynes
Anne Johnston
Tanya Jones
Alice Kennedy
Marie LeDrew
Mike Lee
Jeff MacDonald
Sheldon Marsh
Karen Martin
Susan Martyn
Paul Matthews
Susan Matthews
Betty McKenna
Art Meaney

Dan O'Brien
Peggy O'Brien
Clarence O'Neil
John Outerbridge
Vaughan Paul
April Pike
Rod Pike
Darren Pittman
Bill Pomeroy
Donna Power
Henry Power
Jason Pretty
Greg Redmond
Derrick Roul
Juliette Ryan
Paul Shea
Andrew Smith
Margo Soucy
Peter Soucy
Joanne Taylor
Susan Wozniak
Mohammad Yazar